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Leland Hamby – CEO
Over 35 years experience in the residential and commercial HVAC field.
Here at Excel Air, We know that trust in any type of relationship is something that is built upon over time, We are proud to say that this company is founded on honesty, integrity, and trust. Customers that have placed their trust in us is something that we don’t take for granted and we will go above and beyond to look out for our customer’s best interests.

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We’re in this for the long haul and we value the relationships that are created through our company, even when it’s a competitor. We have great respect for our competition, as they too put their hearts and souls into their companies. Healthy competition in business is good for the economy, consumers, and other businesses. Hats off to our fellow HVAC contractors!

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Aside from everything else, we want you to know that we care greatly about our customers and we’ll go to great lengths to maintain the relationship. We consider ourselves neighborhood specialists and exercise proper etiquette in those settings. Likewise, we know our way around a set of blueprints and we’re very comfortable in commercial settings. So you can relax, knowing that we’ll be there for you when you need us!

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Our Guarantee:

We guarantee our work to be done properly, diligently, and thoroughly. We also warranty our work and our aim is for you to feel the customer satisfaction this company is all about!

Ultimately, the question is “Will you get what you paid for and at a reasonable price?” With our company, the answer is YES and YES! Outstanding service is how we accomplish this and to the second part, we put ourselves in our customer’s shoes many, many times.

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Text And Call Now :  256-585-4540

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